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The Rock of Israel Congregation is a Messianic group of both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) as the promised Messiah. This Messianic Synagogue is part of the fulfillment of the “One New Man” written of in Ephesians 2:15. Come and visit with us, and you will find a family that will warmly welcome you. Come and grow in your own personal relationship with the King of Kings and discover your purpose for which you were created. Come and learn the deeper meanings of the Holy Scriptures from both the Old and New Covenants from the Hebrew perspective. Come and expect to be transformed (Romans 12:2).
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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to Minister to the Needs of Our Members and Our Community through the Teaching of Biblical Core Values from a Judeo-Centered Messianic Point of View while Seeking to Enrich Lives and Propagate the Understanding of The Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) The Messiah.

We value integrity, transparancy, loyalty, honesty, and unwavering determination.  We dream big knowing when we reach the end of our ability, this is when His perfect strength is made manifest in our weakness.  We persevere and refuse to give up on our appointed mission.  We hold fast to the cultural roots of our faith and refuse to go over the cliff of popular societal insanity.  We hold fast to the Truth of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation; this is the only Truth. 

Mission & Purpose

We exist to seek and save the lost among both the Jewish people and those who are not of Jewish descent.  We are called to be a peculiar people and firmly believe we accomplish this by endeavoring to adhere to a Torah observant lifestyle.  We teach and lead our congregation family to study the Bible and walk out our faith in Yeshua (Jesus) by mirroring the first century believers as much as we are able.  We seek to encourage believers outside our fellowship to go deeper in their understanding of Scripture and to follow our Messiah more closely as we all walk out the process of sanctification.  We empower our brothers and sisters in Messiah to become bond servants to the King, ministering to the needs of the Body as well as the community in which we live. 

We believe that Christianity is not and was never intended to be a new religion, rather all who believe in Yeshua are grafted into the vine.  In other words, we are adopted into the Jewish family.  We will stand unwaveringly upon the Rock of Our Salvation, Yeshua.  We will study and apply the Word daily in our lives, no matter the cost.  We will walk alongside the church family and support them in every way possible.  We will reach out to the lost and encourage other believers outside of our congregation to live a more Torah observant lifestyle.  We will support our congregation generously, taking ownership for its health, growth, and mission.  We will honor all of the appointed Feasts of ADONAI in Leviticus 23, including the Shabbat.  We will not fail because the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) will direct our paths and order our steps of the leadership of this congregational family.  

Our Beliefs & Values

We are a Messianic Synagogue Congregation who believes in the entire Word of G-d, from Genesis through Revelation.  As Rabbi Sha’ul, the Apostle Paul, taught the Torah is the foundation of our faith.  We believe the Old Covenant is the Renewed Covenant concealed.  We likewise believe that the Renewed Covenant is the Old Covenant revealed.  Is it hard to follow Yeshua the way the first century church did?  One of the great teachers of the Law (Torah) named Hillel was told by a gentile that he would convert if Hillel could teach him Torah in the time he could stand on one foot.  Hillel replied, “That’s easy.  That which is hateful to you do not do to another.  Everything else is commentary.  Go and study it.”  You don’t have to already have great knowledge.  Just come and start learning at your level and at your own pace.  We are all here to help one another on our journey.  Shalom.  


We believe Yeshua, (Jesus) is the only begotten Son of the Living G-d, born of a virgin.  We believe He lived a perfect, sinless life.  We believe He was made to be cursed in our place, and He atoned for our sins once for all.   


We believe Yeshua died on the execution stake as our Pesach (Passover) Lamb.  We believe He rose from the dead on the third day and sits at the right hand of the Almighty G-d.  


We believe that the keeping of the Mitzveh (instructions or commands) of the Torah do not save us.  Rather keeping the Mitzveh of the Torah is a lifelong process of observance that goes to our sanctification, being made Holy or set apart for the L-RD, demonstrating that we love Him and wish to follow Yeshua’s example of obedience.  John 14:15:  “If you love Me, keep my commandments.”  


We believe that salvation is indeed a FREE Gift, NOT of works lest any man shall boast (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:9). At no time do we do enough to earn our salvation.  It is ALWAYS Yeshua’s blood that saves us daily!  


We believe in baptism by immersion.  

Appointed Times

We believe that all the appointed times spoken of in Leviticus 23 are still valid today.  These include the observance of Shabbat, the Sabbath on the seventh day (Saturday) to make it Holy.  We observe the Spring Feasts of ADONAI; Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of First Fruits and Shavuot (Pentecost).  We also keep the Fall Feasts of ADONAI; Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and Sukkot (Feast of Booths/Tabernacles, of In-Gathering).  


We believe in the rapture of the Body of Messiah.  We believe we will all return with Messiah to rule and reign with Him for 1,000 years.  We believe we will forever-more be with Him in Glory, Hallelujah!

“I have had to face a lot of monumental challenges in my life.  The loss of my eyesight, two forms of malignant cancer, one of which had a 90% kill rate at the time, financial ruin because of the cancer, as well as heart problems, chronic pain, anxiety, and so much more.  I decided a long time ago that I was not going through all of this for nothing.  Somebody was going to get something positive out of it.  Somebody was going to be encouraged.  Somebody was going to be inspired to do more and be more for G-d.  I want people to look at me and realize if G-d can do something wonderful through a guy like Jeff; then I want them to ask themselves “What can He (G-d) do through me?’ “

– Rabbi Jeff Grillo 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know Hebrew to attend or understand services?

No.  Any time we use a Hebrew word or phrase we always give the English interpretation immediately afterward.  Don’t worry.  You will pick up words and phrases faster than you think. Knowing Hebrew is absolutely not a requirement or pre-requisite to participate and receive value in the services.

Does ROIC offer fellowship & learning outside of service?

Yes. We have men’s group, women’s group, and children’s ministry, Hebrew language learning courses, congregation outings (bowling, meals, etc.), missions service, worship team (music), and counseling services.  

Why is there a hyphen inserted in place of vowels in G-d or other Holy Names of G-d?

For Two reasons.  First, the Command to not take the L-RD’s name in vain is better translated as “do not desecrate His name.”  Heaven forbid we should include the full spelling of His Names and they get printed, then, that page get discarded in the trash.  Second, because we want to reach Jewish people with the Gospel, we wouldn’t want them to see any of G-D’s Holy Names printed in full, then immediately leave our website, thereby missing a possible opportunity to reach them with the Gospel.

Do I have to wear a Kippa (men’s head covering), Tallit (prayer shawl), or any other traditional Jewish garments to service or gathering?

No.  Some of us do, and some of us do not.  It is a personal choice.  For those of us who wear them, we do so in part because they are great physical, tangible reminders of our G-d that is head over us and His Word that envelopes us.

Are services available online?

Yes.  For those who may live outside of our area or anyone who just wants to refresh their memory on any message, ROIC maintains a Youtube channel and Facebook Live page, which contain past and present video recorded presentations.  There is also an ongoing Tuesday evening Bible study that is open to all by signing up on our Facebook page.  

Why are ROIC’s services located within another church denomination’s building?

ROIC has been blessed to be welcomed to use the facilities of a Christian denomination for the last few years as we save to obtain our own permanent Messianic Synagogue establishment.  We give thanks to our brothers and sisters in Yeshua at the LifePoint Church who welcomed us and have provided us with the sanctuary and fellowship halls to serve our congregation for Shabbat services!

 Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Rabbi Jeff Grillo, along with his wife Anna, son Joshua, and daughter Emily serve here at the Rock of Israel Congregation.  The family has been part of the Congregation since its inception, originally meeting in the family home and then branching out to hold Bible studies in various homes and churches.  In 2014, services officially began being held as guests of the Lifepoint Church, it’s current location. Today, we gratefully have grown to a diverse team of men and women that diligently serve the congregation and community with a heart for their Creator and Savior. 

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Rabbi Jeff Grillo

Rabbi Jeff Grillo

Congregation Leader

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Rabbi Jeff has a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries.  He attended Southeastern University and graduated from Christian Bible College and Seminary.  He is credentialed under the Assemblies of G-d as well as a member of the National Jewish Fellowship of the Assemblies of G-d.

Rabbi Jeff has a bit of an unusual background.  He happens to be blind.  He lost his sight as a result of an hereditary degenerative retinal condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa.  He is also a cancer survivor.  In 1991, he was diagnosed with two forms of testicular cancer at the same time.  One form had a 90% fatality rate.  He is a walking miracle and testament to the awesome power and providence of our G-d!

Determined to turn around all of his challenges into blessings to as many individuals as possible, Rabbi Jeff wrote and published two books, the latest in 2015, which is called, “The Excuse Assassin.”  The L-RD used his books which tell of his challenges with blindness, cancer, heart and other health and life issues to reach many around the world with the Gospel.  G-d opened the door for him to do many interviews.  He has appeared on CTN (Christian Television Network), Dove Broadcasting, TCT, and Atlanta LIVE as well as radio station interviews and podcasts on secular stations WBSM and WHKY in Massachusetts and North Carolina respectively.  He credits ALL to the Glory of the Most High G-d!

Rebbetzin Anna Grillo

Rebbetzin Anna Grillo

Youth/Nursery Director

Jimmy Hunt

Jimmy Hunt

Elder & Men's Ministry Leader

Aaron Dimmette

Aaron Dimmette


David Helton

David Helton

Hebrew Language Instructor / Worship Team

Jana Dimmette

Jana Dimmette

Women's Ministry Leader

Bethany Crigger

Bethany Crigger

Worship Team



Associate Rabbi



Worship Leader

Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo

Youth Leader

Rennie Hunt

Rennie Hunt

Worship Team

Mrs. G

Mrs. G

Administrative Assistant/Webmaster

Member of Chamber of Commerce