Torah Numbers 4:21-7:89 Haftarah Judges 13:2-25 Brit Chadashah Acts 21:17-26

Another exciting parasha (portion) is here! Naso is the second study in the book of Bamidbar (Numbers), and translates “an accounting of.” This is so full of meaning and deep and hidden wisdom that it would take many years of study to uncover even a significant portion of what is there. So this year, because of how interesting and important it is I will begin by repeating part of what I taught in a previous study, then I will move forward and add a few new nuggets of interest.

You should always read and study the entirety of the verses included in each week’s parasha. Normally I include verses in my teaching. The focus of this week is much longer than normal so I won’t put it here, but will urge you to really focus on the first 69 verses of Numbers chapter 7. Really pay attention to the gifts that were given, and you will see where the verses come from for this teaching.

First I want to focus on the gift of the silver bowl which weighed 130 shekels. Like a previous teaching I’ll explain the significance of the gift and its meaning, but i will add how the gift itself points toward Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

First, when you look at the Hebrew for “silver bowl” the gematria adds up to 930. This sum corresponds with the age of Adam when he died. And the weight of the silver bowl, 130 points to Adam’s age when Seth was born. So you can understand why this particular offering points to repairing the sin of the fall in the garden. Seth, whose name means “appointed” was their first son after the fall and should bring to mind Genesis 3:15, the first protoevangelium. The “seed” of the woman is at war with the seed of the serpent. Seth therefore is the start of the Messianic lineage promised here.

Next we can look at the “silver basin”. this number value in the Hebrew equals 520. This is the sum of the age of Noah when he had children, plus the twenty years from then when he was given the warning that the flood was coming. The weight of the basin, 70 shekels points to the “nations.” When thinking of how this offering correlates to Tikkun Olam my mind goes to renewal, a fresh start or rebirth. Through Noach, the flood and G-d’s plan and use of the Ark humanity was saved from total corruption that was so prevalent and depicted in Genesis chapter 6.

One ladle weighing ten shekels. The word for ladle is synonymous with palm of your hand. Your palm held upwards forms a ladle of sorts, does it not? Ladle itself in the Hebrew points to the totality of Torah and is summed up in its weight of ten shekels as the number ten corresponds to the ten Mitzvot (commands) which are the summary of all 613. By the way the Hebrew word for incense which was part of this offering totals 613! With respects to Tikkun Olam this offering is hopefully obvious in that the mitzvot are our pathway for reconnection with the Father. The Torah does not save us but our relationship with Him who is Torah, meaning Yeshua (Jesus) is indeed our pathway.

Finally, it is worthy to note the importance of Naso and its placement in Torah. When you read this parasha it seems that chapter 7 may be a little out of place? Chronologically this chapter would have taken place a long time ago and is tied with the Mishkan (Tabernacle.) But when you consider that this portion is studied each year about this same time and you realize that it is

in such close proximity with Shavuot (Pentecost) it begins to make more sense as to its placement. In a very rudimentary way we could say that the purpose of the Spring Feasts of ADONAI is redemption of His people and G-d’s desire and attempt to dwell with His people once again. Shavuot being the fulfillment of that in the sense of its fulfillment in Acts where the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) is poured out and G-d dwells now IN His people. So when we look at the gifts and their significance with Tikkun Olam it makes much more sense to understand that G-d in all His wisdom was having His people “fix” if you will, the sins of the past.

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely glad that G-d has not only given us the free gift of salvation through the Atonement of Yeshua’s shed blood, but He has also given us opportunity to study, learn and grow in Him. As we grow in Him we begin to understand the right way to live, the way that pleases Him and ultimately corrects and erases our sinful past! Baruch HaShem Yeshua! Praise the Name of Jesus!